On the evening of December 28, 2014, I began to create a new series of work that started as digital images of the floor taken while listening to performers at a bar Karen Johnson and I own in DUMBO, Brooklyn. "Portrait of Frank" was created with the assistance Alick Shiu, using the process of Pronto Plate printing onto handmade paper. I originally conceived this piece as an inkjet print. But, alas this technology was no longer available, due to the sensitivity of the process. 

   Currently, I have been documenting the physical alterations of my neighborhood, DUMBO, Brooklyn. There are a number of street sculptures by the artist REVS.  While walking on Plymouth Street I noticed that one of REV'S sculpture's was demolished.  As a continuation of the "Portrait of Frank" series, I have printed these images using the facility at the Robert Blackburn Print Studio.

Well, I have a website, wacky hey. It has been quite some time since I have been involved in a project of this magnitude, and I am extremely excited. 

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